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Don’t get wiped out by high energy bills! When you switch to Discount Power, nothing changes but your rate. You’ll still get your bill from the utility company and they will still handle all your service needs. You’ll just have more options, more control and more ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

We make shopping for electricity and natural gas plans easy. Really! Learn more about your options, then enter in your ZIP Code to see what we have available in your area.

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Fast Fact:


U.S. primary energy consumption totals around 97 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu’s), equal to nearly 17% of the world’s total primary energy consumption.

Your Choices

When it comes to energy, your choice matters. With Discount Power, you get to have it your way.

Locked-in Rates

Keep things locked down. Electricity and natural gas prices can spike unexpectedly. If the weather is colder - or warmer - than usual, that rate spike and heavy energy use can wreak havoc on your budget - but no longer.

For some people one of the best things about Discount Power is our ability to fix your rate, guaranteed to eliminate the surprise of price spikes. You can even choose how long you want to lock your rate in for - from a few months to as long as three years.

Variable Pricing

Float like a butterfly. Don’t like being tied to one price? Some folks like the idea of riding up and down with the market, living carefree with no obligations or contracts. Like a good investment, our variable pricing lets you count on Discount Power to outperform the market, saving you money over time without the hassle of longer commitments.

Green Energy

Renewable. Responsible. If green, sustainable energy appeals to you, then we’ll give you the solutions that will blow your mind. With wind-sourced power, all your electric use will have zero carbon emission impact. Green Energy can cost slightly more than traditional power, but we can often lock in rates that are much more competitive over time, which will also help shield you from typical price spikes.

Pop Quiz: What plan works best for you?

If you like going to restaurants where you’ve already looked at the menu... If you like going on vacations without having decided all the things you’ll see ahead of time... If you think “carbon footprint” are two of the dirties words in the English language...

No matter what you choose, with Discount Power, you’ll stay on top of the wave.

If you’re ready to check out the details of our available plans, enter your ZIP Code at the top of the page. Be sure to have your utility bill handy so you have access to your account information when you’re ready to roll!

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When I used my local power company, I had no control over what I paid for electricity. With Discount Power, I’m in charge!

-Emily K., Massachusetts

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Read Customer Reviews

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