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Choosing a 100% renewable energy plan can help create a greener, cleaner future.

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Fast Fact:


The United States’ wind power capacity in megawatts - making it the largest renewable generation resource in the country. That’s enough electricity to offset the consumption of 25 million average American homes!

Feel good about turning your lights on

Much of the electricity in the nation is generated by the dirtiest source of fuel, coal, or the most problematic, nuclear. But you can flip that switch, and protect your pocketbook at the same time.

When you switch to one of our Green Plans, 100% of your electric usage will be offset by carbon-neutral, wind or hydroelectric sources. Your existing utility will continue to deliver power to your home or business, send you your bill and respond during any outages. But that electricity is replenished by Discount Power with energy you can feel good about using. It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s 100% pollution free.

What’s more, you can lock in today’s low, green electricity rates for an extended period of time so you can feel even better about the difference you’re making.

Make the Switch to Green Today

With tens of thousands of customers, Discount Power has proven to be a safe, easy way for people like you to take control of their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. There’s absolutely no risk and plenty of reward.

  • Feel proud that your household is being powered entirely by sustainable sources.
  • If you’re a business, let your customers know you run on 100% renewable energy.
  • By choosing Discount Power, you can greatly reduce your impact on our planet without having to make any costly additions, changes to your daily routine, or any additional setup or installation.

To get started, just enter your ZIP Code into the box above to see our Green Plans available in your community. If you have your utility account number handy, you can make the switch in a matter of minutes. It really is that easy.

Exercise your power to make a difference

Be a part of the solution. Sign up for a Green Plan from Discount Power and know that your energy source is clean and green!

On average, a home that isn’t run on green power will generate 8.5 tons of carbon emissions in one year.*

That’s equal to:

The greenhouse gas emissions of an average passenger vehicle driven over 18,963 miles.

The CO2 emissions of fully charging 989,990 smart phones.

The CO2 emissions of burning 8,479 lbs of coal.

The CO2 emissions of consuming 762 gallons of diesel fuel.

What kind of difference can you make?

*Average based on 914 kWh of electricity used per month. (Ref: U.S. Energy Information Administration, United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Pop Quiz: Where does our electricity come from?

It takes fuel to generate electricity, but the fuel you use has a huge impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at the main sources for electricity in the United States.

% is generated by burning fossil fuels % comes from nuclear power % is from renewables like wind and solar
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Enrolled with Discount Power in an effort to save money and it has worked! I consistently get a great rate from them and I really like that they offer a variety of plans, especially their ‘green.’ energy options. Clean energy couldn’t be more important!

-Brian M., Massachusetts

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Read Customer Reviews

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